Interesting article in Läkartidningen talks about the need for better tests when assessing prostate cancer

A very interesting article was recently published in the Swedish medical journal “Läkartidningen” as a comment to the Swedish National Board and Welfare’s decision not to recommend public screening for prostate cancer. In this article it is made clear that screening would lead to increasing overtreatment and complications.

“The problem with overdiagnosis is that the PSA test is not sufficiently accurate to be a good screening test. The most common reason for a moderately increased PSA-value is benign prostatic enlargement – not cancer. The screening program evaluated means that men with PSA-values above a certain level undergo systematic tissue tests from the prostate. Because small areas of prostate cancer are very common in middle-aged men and older men, systematic tissue tests lead to a large number of men receiving diagnosis and treatment, even though they would not have developed a severe prostate cancer during their lifetime. The treatment often causes impaired sexual function and sometimes urinary leakage or rectum problems.”

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The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare’s NO to a general screening program highlights the need for additional information when treating prostate cancer


The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) has after careful consideration decided not to recommend  a general screening program for prostate cancer. According to the Board there is a risk that screening will lead to overdiagnosis, overtreatment and serious side effects. Chundsell’s CEO Fredrik Persson comments the decision: ”There is no question that a general screening program for prostate cancer would increase the risk of overtreatment. However, what should not be forgotten in the discussion is that overtreatment of prostate cancer is already a problem. Chundsell Medicals gene test Prostatype shows how aggressive the prostate cancer is which simplifies the choice of treatment, and minimizes the risk of overtreatment. In other words Prostatype is filling the information gap that exists as the test helps patients, doctors and the health care system to make a better decision.”

For more information on the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare’s decision see…/merforskningomprostatacance…


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Chundsell Medicals will be present at the following congresses:

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  • EAU congress in Copenhagen March 16-20 2018. A poster with the title ”A novel risk score (P-score) based on the a 3-gene signature for survival prognosis of newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients” will be presented.
  • AUA congress in San Fransisco May 18-21. A poster will be presented in a podium session.

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Urologidagarna in Gothenburg

Chundsell was present at the Swedish National Urology Meeting in Gothenburg. Dr Chunde Li gave an interesting presentation about the development of the Prostatype test and what performance you can expect to an attentive crowd.